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12:25-- Guest_1621: >.<
12:25-- Guest_8740: Which box? You should look at Matricom's awesome box? «link»
12:25-- Guest_7897: Oh lol fake peeps omg
12:25-- Guest_4094: I like «link» to listen to club downloads for nothing.
12:25-- Guest_6900: I dont really like the box. I like Matricom's G-Box for sure.
12:25-- Guest_6045: If you're looking for a tool that runs Android as well as Kodi, there's plenty of options here too. That could not be truer than with picking the ideal Kodi box.
12:25-- Guest_3180: asl
12:25-- Guest_2599: I read the latest News articles «link» Tech stories.
12:26-- Guest_7145: «link» yep
12:26-- Guest_7864: Yeah I'll have to think about it. Have you downloaded music lately? «link»
12:26-- Guest_5667: Yeah «link»
12:26-- Guest_8909: I essentially don't know approximately that. I've worked with a lot of them. I'm later it. I when them all.
12:26-- Guest_9845: Yeah Ill probably think about it. Did yall downloaded MP3s lately? «link»
12:26-- Guest_2314: Yeah forreal! Surprised anybody cant stand to communicate in this chaos
12:26-- Guest_7838: Which box? How Matricom's latest box? «link»
12:26-- Guest_1918: asl
12:26-- Guest_7998: where is yall from around what country?
12:26-- Guest_5096: «link» yep
12:26-- Guest_2875: thank a lоt fⲟr your web site it aids a great deal.

12:27-- Guest_1745: Microsoft supports Kodi for real! «link»
12:27-- Guest_2142: Anybody here hear about the world coming?
12:27-- Guest_9901: Kodi is even more prominent than ever before. Did you recognize that there are numerous TV boxes in the globe today being made use of for Kodi? Which's counting Matricom boxes alone! Undoubtedly, we can't count the boxes that we haven't marketed, yet the number is incredible and is expanding each day.
12:27-- Guest_7981: Kodi is more popular than ever before. Did you understand that there are millions of TV boxes in the world right now being utilized for Kodi?
12:27-- Guest_1350: hmm forgot that I own this streamer!! «link»
12:27-- Guest_7898: I in point of fact don't know approximately that. I've worked with a lot of them. I'm bearing in mind it. I afterward them all.
12:27-- Guest_9383: Ahh uhm real people omg
12:27-- Guest_5668: I dont really like my Firestick. I wish I would have bought Matricom's G-Box first.
12:27-- Guest_1641: Eww the Amazon Firestick totalllly licks sheeeit
12:27-- Guest_7052: Are you keep up the world dying?
12:27-- Guest_8716: OMG...? There is honestly actual people here chatting?
12:27-- Guest_9718: Non crazy info!
12:27-- Guest_6343: oh yeah I remember that I own this device!! «link»
12:27-- Guest_1764: Non boring chat!
12:27-- Guest_7731: I hate the Fire TV. I wish I would have bought Matricom's G-Box for sure.
12:27-- Guest_8205: They can find more information Kodi at this website «link»
12:27-- Guest_7364: What is ur fav game?


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